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Marietta horse boarding stables: a unique combination of EXCLUSIVE trail access to 17+ miles of Kennesaw Mountain trails, all day turnout on yearly seeded, fertilized, and rotated pastures, well-drained outdoor arena, peaceful welcoming environment to all, and owners who live on site and care about quality.  All this just 30 minutes north of Atlanta making for an exceptional horse boarding experience in Marietta, Georgia.


Horse Trails

We have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to National Forest horse trails.  An extremely rare amenity for a boarding facility, PLUS we're in the middle of the city.  Short on time?  You won't have to waste hours on packing, loading, and hauling to a trailhead.  Bored with riding the same loops - it's hard to get bored here with 17+ miles of trails in 3,000 acres!


If you own a horse and love to trail ride and you're short on time, Rebel Woods' horse trails are your dream come true (if you don't own a horse, check out for facilities that offer trail rides).  With immediate access to National Forest horse trails, you can just throw your saddle on and ride out into hours and hours of woods and open spaces - hours you would've wasted preparing and hauling to a trailhead can now be used for more riding time!  

Otherwise you've probably been trying to save money by riding the same 50-acre horse trails over and over and over...treat yourself and your horse to thousands of acres of fun!  Life's too short!  

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is a 2,965-acre preserved green space with a boundless trail system for equestrian and pedestrian traffic - smack in the middle of the city!  If you are in Atlanta or anywhere in the perimeter, Kennesaw Mountain is the place to ride your horse.  The trails are extensive, well-maintained, and wide.  There are several different loops and straight paths that make a total 17.3 miles of riding trails - enough for an all day ride and you never get bored!


Regardless of what type of riding you do, trails are a great way to give your horse's mind a break from the arena or riding laps on a small acreage.  It's the easiest way to build up stamina and muscle with the distance and hills, because you both are having fun and don't realize you're getting a workout, too!  

In addition, Kennesaw Mountain offers so much rich history that you can see while riding…and what a unique perspective atop a horse!  Riding through areas there were no doubt calvary forging paths 150 years ago.  One can see earthworks (trenches dug by the soldiers) and sites marked with memorials, signs, and/or cannons to show where Civil War artifacts have been found and what likely took place there.

Our trail access is a privilege and we respect it as such.  Our riders always stay on the equestrian trails and step aside for pedestrian traffic on the narrow paths.  Some of our riders are even kind enough to let the children (and adults!) pet their horse if all is calm…we horse owners sometimes forget how some people have never even seen a horse up close! 

We are blessed to have the park border our property, so our backyard will always be wooded!

We are blessed to have the park border our property, so our backyard will always be wooded!